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Commercial Real Estate Disputes Attorney in Union City, New Jersey

Whenever you rent or lease property, there needs to be a contract in place to ensure both the renter and landlord are protected. This is true for both residential and commercial real estate—but with the latter, there tends to be more money on the line and more opportunities for issues to arise. Because of this, resolving a commercial real estate dispute can take significantly more work and will often require reaching out to a commercial real estate attorney. 

If you have concerns about a commercial property contract or any other issue involving commercial real estate, contact us at Hudson Law Firm. Our attorney is proud to serve clients in Union City as well as Jersey City, Bayonne, Hoboken, North Bergen, and the rest of New Jersey. Set up a consultation today. 

Common Commercial Real Estate Disputes

There are several ways commercial real estate disputes can arise, and each will need to be addressed a bit differently. These disputes can include: 

  • Breach of Contract: A breach of contract occurs anytime one party fails to hold up or follow through with a provision of the contract. This can cover issues like non-payment by the tenant, the landlord increasing rent without notice, or evicting without adequate notice. 

  • Co-Owner Disagreement: If you own commercial property with another person, you should also have a contract in place governing this relationship. A dispute may occur if one owner tries to take a larger share of profits, or if one owner wants to use the property for a purpose that’s not stipulated in the contract. 

  • Zoning/Permit Issues: If there are concerns about the local zoning ordinances or obtaining the necessary permits, disputes could arise. 

  • Property Defects: If a landlord fails to maintain the property or make necessary repairs, the tenant may have the right to take legal action against them. 

  • Construction Issues: If the contract is between a commercial property owner and a general contractor, delays or issues with the construction process can start a dispute.

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Difficulties in Real Estate Disputes

Real estate disputes tend to be more complicated than other contract disputes for a number of reasons. First, many commercial real estate contracts involve both state and federal laws. You’ll need an attorney who’s well versed in both these kinds of laws to adequately represent your side. And second, real estate disputes may involve a local board (such as a city zoning board) that has specialized procedures. These processes can be complex, requiring the assistance of a lawyer at every stage.

Resolving Commercial Real Estate Disputes

You do have options when you’re faced with a commercial real estate dispute. Here are three of them: 

  • Mediation: Many people choose mediation as a first step to resolve their dispute. A trained mediator can facilitate productive conversations with the parties involved and help them come to an agreement on their own. Importantly, the mediator does not make a decision for you and does not take sides.

  • Arbitration: An arbitrator plays a similar role to a mediator except that an arbitrator can make a decision to resolve the conflict. Oftentimes, contracts include language that requires arbitration when disputes arise.   

  • Litigation: Litigation is certainly an option when you are confronted with a commercial real estate issue. While litigation can be slower and more costly than the other options listed above, you may have to pursue a lawsuit to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Commercial Real Estate Disputes Attorney Serving Union City, New Jersey

At Hudson Law Firm in Union City, New Jersey, our team is committed to educating all our clients on their options so they can make informed decisions. Reach out to Edward and the rest of the team as soon as possible. If litigation is necessary, we’re ready to stand in your corner.