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Estate Planning Attorney vs. Using an Online Template

Hudson Law Firm Jan. 1, 2023

A Person Signing Estate DocumentMany people turn to online templates when creating an estate plan because doing so is a seemingly cheaper and quicker alternative to hiring an estate planning attorney. However, there are several problems with using online forms to create an estate plan.  

Establishing an estate plan is a vital step in protecting your family and legacy after you pass away. So, it’s essential to ensure that your estate plan is as comprehensive and legally sound as possible. That’s why hiring an estate planning attorney to draft or review your documents is the best option when crafting your estate plan. 

At Hudson Law Firm, our estate planning attorney in Union City, New Jersey, knows what it takes to create an enforceable and comprehensive estate plan. Edward J. Mullins III, Attorney at Law, provides legal counsel to clients throughout the state of New Jersey, including Bayonne, North Bergen, Jersey City, and Hoboken.  

Online Forms vs. Estate Planning Attorney  

Hiring an estate planning attorney and using an online form template do not yield the same results. There are several reasons why seeking the assistance of a skilled attorney is much more advantageous than using a template form found online: 

  • The estate plan will be tailored to your unique goals, needs, and circumstances. When you work with an experienced estate planning attorney, they will be able to help you create a comprehensive plan that meets all of your needs. With online forms, you get a one-size-fits-all template that does not take into account your unique goals, needs, and circumstances.  

  • The estate plan will be enforceable and compliant with the law. Estate planning attorneys have years of experience in the field and can provide invaluable advice throughout the process. They also have specialized knowledge in areas such as tax law and trusts, so they can make sure that all of your documents are properly drafted according to state and federal laws. Online forms, on the other hand, are rarely state-specific, which is why there is no guarantee that the estate plan created online will be valid and enforceable.  

  • You will be able to resolve conflicts more efficiently. An estate planning attorney will also be able to help you navigate any potential conflicts of interest or family dynamics that may arise during the process. For example, if more than one family member stands to inherit from your estate, then having an experienced third-party involved can help ensure those issues are handled fairly and equitably. If there are any disputes among beneficiaries, then having someone who knows the law can be invaluable in helping reach a resolution quickly and efficiently. When you use an online form template to create an estate plan, the estate plan is all you have. There will be no one by your side to help you resolve potential conflicts and legal issues.  

  • You will know how to minimize taxes and preserve wealth for your heirs. Finally, an experienced lawyer will also be able to advise you on strategies for minimizing taxes or preserving wealth for future generations. These strategies may include setting up trusts or other legal entities that can help protect assets while still allowing them to pass on according to the terms of your will or trust agreement. Without this knowledge, it’s easy for families to miss out on potential tax savings or other opportunities for maximizing their inheritance potential down the road. 

As you can see, there are many reasons why hiring an experienced estate planning attorney makes sense when creating an estate plan. Do not leave something as important as ensuring that your assets are preserved for future generations up to chance. Instead, consult with a qualified lawyer who specializes in this area so that you can rest assured knowing that everything has been done correctly and according to the law.  

Turn to Trusted Legal Guidance   

While using an online form template to create an estate plan might seem like an easy and cheap way to get estate planning off your to-do list, it may result in unintended consequences. When it comes to your future and the future of your heirs, you do not want to take risks. To get trusted legal guidance, contact our team at Hudson Law Firm today. Our estate planning attorney can help you put a valid plan in place.