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Evicting a Residential Tenant Who Otherwise Pays Rent

If you are a landlord in Hudson County, New Jersey, and your tenant pays rent late, or violates reasonable rules or promises in the lease, you may be able to file for eviction in the Special Civil Part of Superior Court.

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Attorney Review of Real Estate Contracts

In New Jersey, the attorney review period is a specific period of time during which the buyer's attorney has the opportunity to review the sales contract and negotiate any changes with the seller's attorney.

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Home Buying Checklist: From Offer To Closing

Here is a checklist of things to consider when purchasing a residential home in New Jersey

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Estate Planning Checklist: What To Consider Before Planning Your Estate

Planning your estate in New Jersey requires careful thought and consideration. I encourage my clients to take estate planning slowly and seriously. By being careful, you can avoid critical mistakes that might complicate things for your loved ones.

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Why Estate Planning Is Important

We all get so busy with day-to-day activities that we often neglect to plan for the future. Planning for what happens to our loved ones and our possessions when we are no longer here to take care of them is easy to put off.

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